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If you have a battery and some electric wire, you can polarize the metal electriy. If not insulated, wrap the metal object in a single, thin strip of paper to prevent contact. Form a coil with the electric wire and touch its ends to the battery's terminals.

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Repeatedly insert one end of the metal object in and out of the coil. No, the needle will not become an "electromagnet," once it's outside the coil.

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Dropping a screw through the coil in one direction 10 times will give it the same amount of magnetism that moving it in and out about 200 times will impart.)In any case, none of this has anything to do with the battery's voltage except to the extent that it provides more current per turn.

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It won't even become a good permanent magnet if you follow these directions, because you'll tend to demagnetize it every time you withdraw it in the same direction you inserted it.

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