Suzuki gsx 400 impulse service manual

Suzuki GSX400X Impulse - Motorcycle Specs

It was equipped with an air-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine derived from the earlier GS450.


In the motorcycle market, the GS500 occupied the low end of Suzuki's mid-sized range for over twenty years.

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Suzuki also produced GS500 models, identified by a 'U' suffix, with engines restricted to satisfy the maximum power-to-weht ratio for use in countries where restrictive motorcycle licenses were issued (the GS500 meets current EU and UK licence level A2 conditions without restricting the engine)GS500 engineering lineage descends directly from Suzuki's first modern 4-stroke motorcycles.

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And the following year's model (code GS500EK) was released for sale in Europe and North America.

Suzuki gsx 400 impulse service manual:

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