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After 48 hours, most species diameters increase and the centers become elevated and take on a "Chinese Hat" shape. Chemoorganotrophic, having both a fermentative and respiratory type metabolism. Occur within a broad spectrum of habitats including humans, animals, especially rodents and birds, soil, water, dairy products and other foods.

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Also, habitat will vary according to specie e.g.: For the most part, the geographical distribution of Yersinia spp. frederiksenii in man and animals is not clearly established.

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An inflammation of the mouth and the throat is the main characteristic.

Escherichia, Shella, and Salmonella

The incidence of infectious disease varies with the seasons and tends to be hhest during cold season. Other species are occasional opportunistic human pathogens and others are nonpathogenic. ruckeri is a fish pathogen responsible for red mouth disease, especially in rainbow trout. Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology , 9th ed.

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