Salmonella bergey's manual determinative bacteriology

Escherichia, Shella, and Salmonella

After 48 hours, most species diameters increase and the centers become elevated and take on a "Chinese Hat" shape. Chemoorganotrophic, having both a fermentative and respiratory type metabolism. Occur within a broad spectrum of habitats including humans, animals, especially rodents and birds, soil, water, dairy products and other foods.

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Also, habitat will vary according to specie e.g.: For the most part, the geographical distribution of Yersinia spp. frederiksenii in man and animals is not clearly established.

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Shella - bacterial genus - Microbiology Dictionary

Is widespread, and the organism has been isolated from all continents. They tend to behave more like opportunistic pathogens than true pathogens.

Lactose-Fermenting Salmonella from Dried Milk and Milk. - NCBI

Colonies grown on Nutrient Agar appear translucent to opaque.

Salmonella bergey's manual determinative bacteriology:

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