S r industries marksman repeater owners manual

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Just to prove that Bubba exists here too, I've seen some awfully weird and horrific maulings of pellet guns, too (the worst had to be an orinal Beeman R-1 someone put a crinkle finish on and spray-painted black...).


Fortunately, as adult airguns are becoming more popular, the more people are learning about correct restorations of the classics. Typiy, if someone says "airgun" to us, we think of Ralphie from a shooting his glasses off when a BB ricochets off a target attached to the side of his house.


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So I wondered, "which pellet guns is THIS forum going to respond to the best? Classic airguns--basiy made during the C&R era of firearms history--is probably not a hobby for everyone, unfortunately.

The joy of pellet guns, featuring some real classics! in The

Well, I remember when I got back on here that I said I had ten pellet guns.

S r industries marksman repeater owners manual:

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