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The criteria the MUTCD identifies that should be considered when a decision is being made to use a particular type of traffic control device are also known as “warrants.” The standards and guidance in the MUTCD are universally accepted by traffic engineers and authorities at all levels, including municipalities, and are indicative of sound engineering judgment.

Guidelines for Traffic Control in Work Zones

The MUTCD contains both general guidance for when STOP sns should be considered and more quantitative guidance for consideration when traffic officials are determining if sns should installed on more than one approach to an intersection, i.e., “multiway” stops.

State of <em>Ohio</em> Department of Transportation Permit Application.

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Typical of the general guidance are stipulations that STOP sns should not be used for speed control and that, in most cases, the street carrying the lowest volume of traffic should be stopped rather than the busier street.

State of Ohio Department of Transportation Permit Application.

Pursuant to federal statutory and regulatory requirements, the federal hhway administrator of the U. Department of Transportation adopted the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices (23 USCA 109(d), 114(a), 217, 315, and 402(a); 22 CFR 655, and 49 CFR 1.48 (b)(8), 1.48 (b)(33), and 1.48(c)(2)).

Ohio dot sign design manual:

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