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Pursuant to federal statutory and regulatory requirements, the federal hhway administrator of the U. Department of Transportation adopted the Manual On Uniform Traffic Control Devices (23 USCA 109(d), 114(a), 217, 315, and 402(a); 22 CFR 655, and 49 CFR 1.48 (b)(8), 1.48 (b)(33), and 1.48(c)(2)).

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“STOP” sns and other types of sns, traffic lhts, road markings, and any other device that is used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic are “traffic control devices.” Several decades ago, Congress determined that uniformity in the use and display of traffic control devices was an important federal interest and passed laws requiring the U. Department of Transportation to develop and adopt uniform standards for these devices. transportation secretary has decreed under authority granted by the Hhway Safety Act of 1966 that traffic control devices on all streets and hhway open to public travel in each state must be in “substantial conformance” with the standards issued and endorsed in the manual.

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These standards currently exist in a document known as the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The manual contains standards and guidance for both the form and use of the various types of traffic control devices.

Standards governing use of stop sns by municipalities

The MUTCD contains both general guidance for when STOP sns should be considered and more quantitative guidance for consideration when traffic officials are determining if sns should installed on more than one approach to an intersection, i.e., “multiway” stops.

Ohio dot sign design manual:

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