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They’ve been he’s main companions ever since producing the basis and foundation for his crystal clean tones.

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I was both shaking with anticipation and a bit sceptic when I received the package. In 1966 he founded his own company ed Hylht and desned the first line of amps for Sound City in London. Hiwatt was rapidly drifting away from their own legendary hh quality status and Reeves wanted to bring back Dave Reeves’ old specs and attention to detail.

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In 1968 Dave cut relations with Mullard and Sound City, brought with him his orinal specs for the amps and Hiwatt was born. Around 2005 they finally broke through with a new line of Custom 50 and 100 that soon got serious recognition among guitarists.

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David Gilmour is spotted with his first Hiwatt as early as August 1969, only a couple of months after the amps were introduced (to the mass audience).

Boss bf-2 owners manual:

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