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Sekonic L-758DR Ditalmaster - the Large Format

I think someone mht find useful this piece of information, result of several hours of testing I made on my lhting equipment.

Camera Profiling With the <i>Sekonic</i> 758Cine on

Sekonic L-758DR Lht Meter Black

Profoto Air Remote: * it works the same on camera (on the hotshoe of the Flex TT5 on camera) or connected through sync cable to one of the Flex TT5 on speedlites.

How To Create A Sekonic DTS Profile For Your Lht Meter

I often use a combination of speedlites (Nikon SB-800 and SB-910) and studio strobes (Profoto D1) and I managed to make them work together in various utilisations, including lht metering (with Sekonic L-758DR) and camera's remote shutter release. if D700 setting bank is B (LANDSCAPES camera) the shutter release is delayed, then channel 31 is necessary to measure the strobe lhting properly Profoto Air Remote: It will fire as slave of the Flex TT5 where is connected to, then: * placed it on the hotshoe of the Flex TT5 on camera: * will fire on lht meter trgering if STD channel is 30 * will fire on camera shutter release * with sync cable connected between Flex TT5 and camera sync port will fire only on camera shutter release (lht meter will trger only the shutter release) * connect it through mini jack cable to one of the Flex TT5s on speedlites to measure the lht on Profoto units together with strobes; in this case set lht meter STD channel to 31__________________________Confuration 2 (C2) = TTL Mode Flex TT5 on camera (black sticker): STD receive channel = 30, CTL transmit channel = 3, STD transmit channel = 31 (CTL Transmit Priority at X-Sync) Flex TT5s on speedlites (white sticker): CTL receive & transmit channel = 3AC3 on camera Nikon speedlites: * all TTL mode * AC3 CALIBRATION : before any lht metering and power adjustment to be made set the AC3 dials all to “0” (on M or A mode as desired) and take one shot on camera at 1/125 sec Sekonic L-758DR: * set CTL channel 3, use the A, B, C zones to turn on/off specific speedlites * when AC3 is in manual (M) mode, the lht meter is trgering and measuring the lht as normal (remember to fire the speedlites once before to measure the lht every time the power is increased/decreased by AC3) * when AC3 is in auto-TTL (A) mode, one shot has to be fired each time camera changes position and/or settings BEFORE to measure the lht correctly (no changes in power made on the AC3 are effective before one photo has taken) * to use the lht meter to trger the shutter release: * connect the sync cable from Flex TT5 on camera and D700 sync port * turn off CTL channel (otherwise it will trger twice the speedlites) * set STD channel = 30 * n.b.

Sekonic l-758dr manual espanol:

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