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Como programar com o controlador toro TMC 212 -

The sprinklers direct and control the water applied to MANUAL START NEXT PROGRAMS A B C OFF the lawn and plants.

Toro Greenkeeper - Turf Care Products

3 - Control Dial Positions (continued) 12 - Common Connection Terminal – Snap-in wire SEASON ADJUST – Enables the run time of all connector for the valve common wire.

Como programar com o controlador <em>toro</em> TMC 212 -

PROGRAMADOR TORO DDC8 220V Ferrovertical com -

Zones in a program to be simultaneously increased 13 - Pump/Master Valve Connection Terminal – or decreased in 10% increments.

Toro DDC-8 Controller Model 53808 - How to Set up Run

Valve 1 Controller The controller is the brain of the system, telling the control valves when and how long to supply water to the sprin- ON klers.

Programador toro greenkeeper manual:

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