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In this guide, you'll find answers to your questions about the users of ASL, current academic acceptance and official recognition of ASL as a language in its own rht, links to ASL translations of much-used and often-spoken texts, and more information about the many different sn languages currently in use around the world.

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As a form of communication, one could say that sn language is one of the oldest ways to convey meaning among two or more people.

<b>Mexican</b> Sn <b>Language</b> Spanish

Mexican Sn Language Spanish

Various models of nonverbal communication, for example, incorporate the use of gestures, manual snals that symbolize a concept or concrete reality, used to supplement verbal -- or, rather, spoken -- communication or to act in its absence.

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While gestures are incorporated into the language -- as they are in speech -- many manual sns have no explicit meaning beyond that which is shared among ASL users.

Mexican sign language manual alphabet:

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