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DC PC22-K Unidan remote mount CB transceiver £99.00 PC55-K Uniden mobile mount CB transceiver $59. Tire HC5560 includes additional features such as simultaneous encoding and de- coding, and asynchronous operation with loopback control and transmission -error detection.


00 Z10-K Regency 10 channel scanner S 139.00 Z30-K Regency 30 channel scanner $154.00 Z45-K Regency 45 channet scanner $179.00 R1 060-K Regency 1 channel scanner $03.95 MX3W3&K Regency 30 channel scanner .. Hh-speed DAC's 1985 marked Honeywell's first foray into the commercial market. 3-THE HEART OF MOTOROLA'S MPX201Q pressure transducer Is a mololthic pressure-seiser chip that can be seen in the package on the left.

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.$169-00 C4G3-K Regency 4 channel scanner S69.00 R106-K Regency 10 channel scanner $99-00 RH250 B K Regency 10 channel VHF transceiver . S329.00 RU1 SOB-KRegency 1 channel UHF transceiver . cessing Technologies, Honeywell's com- mercial division, brought out two new hh speed DAC's (Dital to Analog Con- verters) aimed particularly at CAD (Com- puter Aided Desn) applications. 5, are ECL IC's with TTL compatible inputs and outputs; the two IC's can clock data at 200 and 100 megawords per second, re- spectively.

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5219,00 BCWA-K Bearcat Weather Alert" $39.00 DX1000-K Bearcar shortwave receiver.., S-i59. Two mode-select pins on the IC allow the user to choose among the following encoding schemes: HDB3 (Hh Density Bipolar Three), AMI (Al- ternate Mark Inversion), B6ZS (Bipolar Six Zero Substitution), or B8ZS (Bipolar Eht Zero Substitution). It has TTL-compatible inputs and outputs, and it operates from a 5- volt, 100-m A supply.

Lbo 514a manual download:

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