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The support and marketing staff of Ricoh Sales companies, including Ricoh family companies and their subsidiaries. Page 4 of 31 2 Model Cross Reference The tables below covers all models referenced in this document. If the was successful, the word Administrator in the upper rht-hand corner. NOTE The process may differ slhtly depending on the machine in use. IMPORTANT All FAX and information can also be added/edited from this page.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION Target Audience MODEL CROSS REFERENCE SETTING/SPECS SETTING UP SCAN TO VIA WEB IMAGE MONITOR Web Image Monitor Administrator Process Network Settings via WIM SP Authentication via WIM POP before SP Confuration via WIM LDAP Settings in WIM Address Book Settings in WIM Address Book Settings from the Operation Panel SETTING SENDER OPTIONS VIA THE MFP OPERATION PANEL Secure Devices Non-Secure Devices SCAN TO OPERATION Additional Scan to Settings Scanned Files Status Additional MFP User Tool Options SCAN TO IN WINDOWS SERVER 2000 OR Enabling SP Relay for Windows Server with MS Exchange Device Relays through Exchange 5.5 on Windows 2000 Server SCAN TO FAILURE USING WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION Tracing the Authentication Error...22 Page 2 of 31 8.2 Authentication Error Resolution FILE SIZE LIMITS Accessing the File Size Limits Setting File Size Limits on the MFP Decode Shell Extension ARGOSOFT FOR RELAY Creating Ar Go Soft User Profiles Ar Go Soft Setup in Web Image Monitor Ar Go Soft Relay Monitor Ar Go Soft Limitations SUMMARY...31 Page 3 of 31 1 Introduction Ricoh Corporation developed Scan to to allow users the ease of sending scan files directly from the MFP to an entered destination. Under the Device Settings heading, select to access the settings. NOTES: If DNS is not working properly, using the server name may cause e- mail delivery failure. If required, enable SP Authentication by selecting On in the SP Authentication field. The goal is to prevent unauthorized users from sending s through the server. 4.5 LDAP Settings in WIM Lhtwe ht Directory Address Protocol (LDAP) is a protocol used to query and/or modify directory services running over TCP/IP. to WIM as an Administrator (section 4.1 page 7). From the Confuration page, select LDAP Server (under Device Settings). In the LDAP Search field, make sure ON is selected. From the Program/Change/Delete menu, select LDAP Server 1, and click Change. Enter the server information in the proper fields (name, search base, etc.). Click OK to save the changes and return to the Confuration page Confuring LDAP on Non-Secure Devices at the MFP To access the LDAP server settings on non-secure devices, follow this click path at the MFP operation panel: User Tools System Settings Key Operator Tools Program/Change LDAP.

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The MFP can be confured to use Scan to via any of the three interfaces below. Page 9 of 31 4.3 SP Authentication via WIM After entering Administrator mode via the steps outlined in section 4.1 (page 7), the necessary SP Authentication settings can be entered from the settings page. NOTE The navation may vary slhtly, based on the version of WIM in use. On the settings screen, enter the Administrator s address. Use the PING command to find the server s IP address (e.g. Below is the process used to set up POP before SP. From the Administrator Confuration screen (page 8), select under the Device Settings heading. NOTE: To avoid potential DNS problems, enter the IP address as the server name. To test the LDAP server connection, click Start next to the Connection Test field. Under the Search Conditions heading, enter the desired search criteria (e.g. From here all of the LDAP settings can be added and/or altered (e.g.

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All end-users - The information contained in the document can be distributed to end-users as long as the restrictions outlined on the cover page are followed. This section outlines the steps to modify the MFP address book. to Web Image Monitor as an Administrator (see section 4.1 page 7). To add the user to a , select Change and select the appropriate .

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