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At the price of USD$1500 it cost snificantly less than previous samplers such as the Fairlht CMI and the E-MU Emulator.

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Starting with the ESQ-1, they began producing sample-based synthesizers.

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To raise funds, Peripheral Visions agreed to build a computer keyboard for the Atari 2600, but the video game crash of 1983 canceled the project and Commodore sued the new company, claiming that it owned the keyboard project. for $77 million, and merged with E-mu Systems to form the E-Mu/Ensoniq division. After releasing an entry-level E-mu MK6/PK6 and Ensoniq Halo keyboards in 2002 - essentially keyboard versions of the Proteus 2500 module - the E-Mu/Ensoniq division was dissolved and support for legacy products was discontinued soon afterward.

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In spring 1983 former MOS Technology engineers Robert "Bob" Yannes, Bruce Crockett, Charles Winterble, David Ziembicki, and Al Charpentier formed Peripheral Visions.

Ensoniq ks-32 repair manual:

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