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AOCM2900 Datasheet AOCM2900 Confuration Guide AOCM MIB AOCM2908TX Firmware - 2.1.1A_13295_06JUL2013 AOCM2924 Firmware - 2.1.1B_28530_17DEC2015 AOCM2924POE Firmware - 2.1.1A_13295_08JUN2013 AOCM2924TX Firmware - 2.1.1A_30508_15SEP2015 AOCM2924TX-4x10GE Firmware - 2.2.0A_37261_18AUG2016 AOCM2948 Firmware - 2.1.1A_36694_21JUL2016 AOCM2948TX-8x10GE Firmware - 2.1.1B_31067_21SEP2015 The PBN AOCM2900 series Gabit Ethernet switching products provide hh-performance and low-cost L2 access switches for FTTx and IPTV deployments with an extensive feature set.

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Remote web management of the switches makes it easy to set up the network topology and conduct related confurations.

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Newly added hotswappable redundant power supplies allow for increased reliability.

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The AOCM2948-8X10GE SFP-based device is an excellent fit as an access switch for FTTx deployment scenarios.

Cisco 2924 switch manual:

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