Army field manual on intelligence interrogation

Interrogations Must Follow Army Field Manual NPR

Several of the latter may also violate other limitations outside the scope of this article.

Interrogations and Intellence Belfer Center for Science and.

A The Army Intellence Interrogation Field Manual Army FM 34-52, Intellence Interrogation The DOD says that from January 11, 2002, when the first detainees arrived at Guantanamo "...

Enhancing <i>Interrogation</i> Advancing a New Agenda - Strategic.

Military Interrogations Best Practices and Beliefs Semel.

Doctrine contained in Field Manual 34-52 guided interrogations" until December 2002.

Human Intellence Collector Operations US Army Field Manual on.

Interrogation ques Revealed By the United States A number of interrogation ques have been discussed internally by the United States government as used of approved for use.

Army field manual on intelligence interrogation:

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