Army field manual on intelligence interrogation

Interrogations Must Follow Army Field Manual NPR

Interrogation ques Revealed By the United States A number of interrogation ques have been discussed internally by the United States government as used of approved for use.

Enhancing Interrogation Advancing a New Agenda - Strategic.

They include standard Army methods in compliance with the Third Geneva Convention, as well as other approaches which are either questionable or clearly exceed the strictures protecting POWs.

<strong>Interrogation</strong> ques Revealed By the United States - Law of War

How the U. S. Army's Field Manual Codified Torture -- and Still.

Several of the latter may also violate other limitations outside the scope of this article.

DoD Directive 3115.09 - Defense cal Information Center

Doctrine contained in Field Manual 34-52 guided interrogations" until December 2002.

Army field manual on intelligence interrogation:

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