2013 dodge dart manual transmission gear ratios

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The 1.4 adds over a thousand dollars to the price, as does any automatic; despite the lower gas-mileage ratings of the 2.0, that mht push many buyers to the 2.0, and they'd probably be fine with it, especially since it comes with a conventional automatic.

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The Dart will eventually come with four engines; for the moment, buyers can choose between Chrysler's own 2.0, and Fiat's 1.4 turbo.

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Dodge Dart 1.4L Dual-Clutch Automatic First Drive.

Both have a manual transmission standard; the 2.0 has a conventional Hyundai automatic, while the 1.4 has a more sophisticated dual-clutch Fiat automatic.


We could spend a day or two on the electronics and conveniences, but let's cut to the chase and get into the essentials: how does it work as a car?

2013 dodge dart manual transmission gear ratios:

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