Well pump pressure switch manual override

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The following wiring diagrams and schematics are for reference only. Note that on the downloads, if the picture comes up rotated in Adobe Reader, simply press (Ctrl, Shift, ) or rht-click on the image and then click "Rotate Clockwise" to view the image uprht.

Well Pump Pressure control switch, How to Find & Adjust the Water.

There may be situations that require custom wiring options. This diagram shows how to wire a single pump to a pump start relay that is being controlled by two separate irration controllers.

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Reset your low pressure cutoff switch - Boulder/GNC Water Well.

This wiring schematic also allows the system to remain pressurized for water on demand applications.

Well Pressure Switches - YouTube

This diagram utilizes two relay switches to prevent voltage from back feeding from one irration controller to the other.

Well pump pressure switch manual override:

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