Vicks warm steam vaporizer v188 manual

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A specially formulated inhalant medication for use in vaporizers.

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Features: - Silent operation - Cooler steam than conventional vaporizers - Cooler unit surface while in use - Automatic Shut off - See through thermoplastic container - Low-level water indicator - Operates from 240v -…

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Catalogue Number: 561997 Latest Technology No Maintenance Required Quiet Operation Runs for 14 hours on one fill 5 year warranty Owned and made in Australia The vaporizer will automatiy stop steaming when the heating element is no longer in contact with the water.

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The Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer only requires to be filled 12-14 hours of operation. Catalogue Number: 749611 …Recommended for customers requiring the benefits of sterilised and aromatic steam.

Vicks warm steam vaporizer v188 manual:

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