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Once sediment exists, you may dislodge it for a period of time, but as soon as the refrerator sits again for a period of time it will again settle and plug up the tubes. Replacement cooling units are expensive, and combined with the labor required to remove a bad cooling unit and install a new one, the cost of the project will be at or above the cost of buying a complete new refrerator.

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A refrerator that is used once or twice a year over a period of 5 or 6 years is much more likely to plug up than one that is in continual operation.

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Fluid movement keeps any sediment suspended in the fluid, which ultimately prevents any accumulation from occurring. I’ve never personally used that method, but the theory behind it is only marginally acceptable.

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There are no pumps to wear out, and no compressors either. As RV refrerators age, the ammonia liquid can create sediment that settles to the bottom of the cooling unit.

Norcold rv refrigerator manual:

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