Mopar a body manual transmission conversion

ProFit TKO Kit for 1966-70 Mopar B-body

At the time of it's introduction all it's FWD competitors had 4 speeds so Chrysler felt that the extra $20 per unit for 5th gear was an unjustified expense.

MOPAR - Silver Sport Transmissions

If you want to convert from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission we offer several kits to make the conversion smooth and economical.

<b>Mopar</b> 1967-76 A-<b>Body</b> - HURST DRIVELINE <b>CONVERSIONS</b>

Installing a Richmond Gear 6-Speed on a B-Body Mopar.

The part #’s you need will depend upon the vehicle in question.


It had stamped steel shift forks and was prone to breakage if you beat on it too hard. The transmission was desned so that it could be easily converted over to a 5-speed later on if the market dictated the need.

Mopar a body manual transmission conversion:

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