Junior farmer field life school manual

Junior Farmer Field and Life School - Facilitator’s guide

This training manual details how to set up and run a Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS) programme.

Manual for Training of Extension Workers and Farmers on.

It notes that these approaches which encourages qualitative rather than often used quantitative researches will reduce unrealistic and crooked formal research data and also challenge other methods of extension delivery for better discovery learning.

SHARING <em>JUNIOR</em> <em>FARMER</em> <em>FIELD</em> AND <em>LIFE</em>

It concludes that developing an appropriate framework for analysis and evaluation of these approaches will help to more accurately measure their effectiveness and impact on the lives of the participants and the society at large.

Investing in ss for socio-economic empowerment of.

The paper suggests the need for promotion of these approaches by national extension policy and donor agencies to ensure sustainability.

Junior farmer field life school manual:

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