Junior farmer field life school manual

Farmer Field School FFS and Junior Farmer

This paper discusses Farmer Field School (FFS) and Junior Farmer Field and Life School (JFFLS) as challenges to agricultural extension development and practice in Neria.

Junior Farmer Field and Life School - Facilitator’s guide

FFS and JFFLS are participatory extension approaches which emphasize participation of local people and their communities working in s and building upon the traditional or indenous knowledge that they have acquired.

Getting started! Running a <strong>junior</strong> <strong>farmer</strong>

Getting Started! Running a Junior Farmer

Discovery learning is emphasized on FFS and JFFLS approaches whereby participants learn by doing as well as discovering new ideas by themselves.

Getting started! Running a junior farmer

It notes that these approaches which encourages qualitative rather than often used quantitative researches will reduce unrealistic and crooked formal research data and also challenge other methods of extension delivery for better discovery learning.

Junior farmer field life school manual:

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