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/usr/bin/expect -f## This script is ed via a cron job to # reboot the HP Wireless 420 access# point. If you still have issues, you have to to our cal Support of Procurve Networking in UK 0870 0130 778Thank you for contacting Pro Curve Networking Support. All case numbers must begin with 160 and mine starts CAS.


The current firmware in the access # point has a bug (reported to HP) which causes # it to stop forwarding multicast DNS packets. Please let us know if we may be of any further assistance to you. According to him the C stands for China and he insists that I am not giving him a case number, I'm giving him the serial number of my product. The email from HP reads: "Your email Case Number is: CAS-11111-4X6563.

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# These packets are used by Apple Bonjour for # service discovery. Your email Case Number is: CAS-11111-4X6563Please always provide your case-id when you contact Pro Curve Support Direct. Now this starts badly because having told them that I have the latest firmware their first question is what software revision I have. Please always provide your case-id when you contact Pro Curve Support Direct."I read these exact words to him. He then claims it is not a serial number, but is a case number for something other than Pro Curve support.

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The current work around is to reboot the access point which I do using an expect script executed by a cron job:#! I advised you to do but previously make a copy of the confuration. I tell the operator that I have a case number (which is in the email) and I then go through a bizarre conversation where he tells me that the case number isn't a case number.

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