Hammond organ manual fire or explosion

Explosion manual fire or Hammond organ

It's what chorus and phaser pedals try (but don't succeed) to imitate; pedals like the H&K Roto Sphere come closer.

Hammond Colonnade Organ Service Manual - dhula.us

"[T]he Vibratone is to this day one of Fender's most useful effects. This is a very desirable piece today because of its practicality and tone.


Musifix.nl/Web-data/Owner guides/om-122.pdf

It's a Leslie speaker cabinet -- an effects cabinet, really -- made by Fender from 1967-1972.

Mission statement

It would be worthy of reissue." John Teagle and John Sprung, Fender Amps - The First Fifty Years It seems that whenever I read about the Vibratone on the internet, 99% of the time it is in reference to Stevie Ray Vaughan's recording of "Cold Shot".

Hammond organ manual fire or explosion:

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