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Note: on newer laptops with ATA drives, if you experience random, non-reproducible, complete system freezes (i.e., mouse and keyboard are frozen; cannot ssh into the machine, must press the power button to reboot), and these freezes leave no messages in /var/log/messages or /var/log/Xorg.0.log, you may want to try always leaving a disk in your CD or DVD drive.


This has been known to cure the problem in at least two systems (Inspiron 9300 and Precision M70). Breezy: Suspend & audio work out of the box, however, the video still "broken", details see below.

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Also, edit "/boot/grub/menu.list" and add the following to your "kernel" option: 'acpi=off apm=on' I will you advise to change the driver in to the 3d acceleration driver from ati.

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V7.04 Could not get built wifi card to work 44xx, CD boot install very well!

Dell inspiron 1150 user manual:

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