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With a max operating pressure of 4500 psi, this compressor has also become the most popular choice for individual paintball players or small paintball fields/shops and can handle any sized personal scuba cylinder on the market today Available in a variety of electric motors, gasoline engine or no engine model for installation of your own motor (the model prefered by boating enthusiasts that wish to install the compressor on their own power plant), the MCH6 comes complete with oil/water separators that have manual drains, an air purification system that supplies SCUBA or Fire Department grade clean and dry air, final relief valve and 5 foot filler hose assembly with your choice of DIN, SCBA or standard yoke SCUBA filler.

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MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Disassembly compressor MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Assembly Compressor MCH-6 COLTRI-COMPRESSORS – Disassembly – Assembly First Stage MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – First stage MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Second stage MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Third stage MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Fourth stage MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Assembly crankshaft MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Disassembly crankshaft MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Transmission belt replace MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Motor replace MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – HP hose replace MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Pumping unit for revision MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Changing compressor oil MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Automatic Condensate Drain Assembly MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Automatic Shut-Off Switch Assembly MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Hour meter MCH-6 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Active carbon filter replace MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Disassembly unit MCH- 13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – First stage cylinder head MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – First stage MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Second stage MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Second stage valves MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Third stage MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Third stage valves MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Third stage piston MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Cooling fan MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Cooling pipes MCH-13-16 COLTRI COMPRESSORS – Maxifilter coltrisub_mch13_16_g2_dec_2008coltrisub_tropical_filter_cartridge_1latest_mch13-16_service_27.3 Mb mch_13.16_user_manual_and_parts_listing_20053.52Mb mch_36_manual_eng_20074.874Mb mch_6_manual_5.23Mb mch_6_manual_eng_20075.929Mb mch_6_pump_978Kb nitrox_compressor_9.755Mb standard_tech_compressor_models_13.849Mb tech_250_lp_manual_2003757Mb Coltrisub Compressor Fan Belts size listings 380Kb Honda G200 Petrol engine for MCH6.

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