6es7 972 0aa02 0xa0 manual

Es7331-7kf02-0ab0 - 6es7972-0cb20-0xa0

I plan to use CPU 6ES7-414-2XK05-0AB0 but this is not yet final.


The system will also have 63 other PID controllers using a mix of Increase Decrease Dital Outputs to Electric Actuators and 4-20 m A outputs to Pneumatic Actuators.

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ES7972-0BA40-0XA0 datasheet & application note - Datasheet.

There will be 23 PID Cooling control loops that are to be MM430 Drives connected to a S7 CPU using Profibus.

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I understand there is a limit to the number of Profibus devices but don't have any details.

6es7 972 0aa02 0xa0 manual:

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