Samsung sgh-t819 user manual

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I expected more from Samsung For it's price It's a really good phone.... It lags all the time, and suddenly the phone is a brick and I have to take the battery off and put it back to make it work again.

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Is constantly using 90% of system memory, apps either don't open or just crash randomly, web surfing is virtually impossible because of the slow speed, phone s just drop, etc, etc etc. Not sure why I expected more from Samsung, but I did. Using this phone is painful and I'm at the point now where the battery is dead after half a day, even when sitting idle the battery dies within hours.

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The RAM-usage is always somewhere between 450-630/645Mb, so using an app is a pain in your arse because it takes a lifetime to open an app, and when the app has finally opened, the phone lags(surprise). If you desperately need a smartphone, consider spending your money on something useful instead of this piece of sh*t.

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It lags incredibly much - Just read other reviews on this.

Samsung sgh-t819 user manual:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates