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FT2050/2070/2010, FT2260, FT3020/3050/3060, FT3113/3313, FT3320, FT4227/4427/4727, FT4415/4418/4421, FT4430, FT4460, FT4480, FT4490, FT5034, FT5233/5433/5733, FT5540/5550/5570, FT5560, FT5580/5590/6620, FT6645/6655/6665, FT6750, FT7060, FT7770, FT8780/8880, FT9101, M50, M100 FT 2012, 2212 sm, FT 3013, 3213, 3513, 3713 sm, FT 4015 sm, FT 4215, 4220, 4222 - sm FT 4422 sm, FT 5035, 5135, 5535, 4027, 4127, 4527 sm, FT 4022, 4522 sm, FT 5640,5740,5840,5632,5732,5832 (sm), FT 7650, 7660, 7670 (sm), FT 8680, 8980, 8982 (sm), M 60 (sm) Aficio 200(sm,pc), Aficio 400/ 401(sm,pc), Aficio Color 2003/ 2103/ 2203(sm,pc), Aficio Color 5106/ 5206(sm,pc), DS5330(sm,pc), Fiery XJ80E(sm,pc), FW740(sm,pc), FW810(sm,pc), FW830(sm,pc), FW870(sm,pc), NC100(sm,pc), NC305(sm,pc), NC5006(sm,pc), NC8015/ 8115(sm,pc) FT1008/ FT1208(sm,pc), FT7650/ FT7660/ FT7670(sm,pc), FT2012/ FT2212/ FT2012 / FT2212 (sm,pc), FT4015/ FT4018/ FT4118(sm,pc), FT4215/ FT4220/ FT4222(sm,pc), FT5035/ FT5640 Series(sm,pc), FT7950/ FT7960/ FT7970(sm,pc), FW740/ FW750/ FW760(sm,pc), M60(sm,pc) Dital, Colour Copiers: Aficio FX10(sm,pc), Aficio 180(sm,pc), Aficio 340/ 350/ 450(sm,pc), Aficio Color 3006/ 4006/ 4106(sm,pc), Aficio Color 6010/ 6110(sm,pc), Bizworks 106/ 406/ 406DF/ 406e/406e DF/ 706(sm,pc) Fax machines: FAX-880/ MV74(sm,pc), FAX-2000L/ FAX-2900L Priports: JP1010/ JP1030/ JP1045/ JP1050(sm,pc), JP5000(sm,pc) Dital Copiers: Aficio 180(sm,pc), Aficio 200/ 250(sm,pc), Aficio 220/ 270(sm,pc), Aficio 340/ 350/450(sm,pc), Aficio 400/ 401/ 500(sm,pc), Aficio 550/ 650(sm,pc), FW7030D(sm,pc) Dital Colour Copiers: Aficio Color 2003/ 2103/ 2203(sm,pc), Aficio Color 3006/ 4004/ 4106(sm,pc), Aficio Color 5106/ 5206(sm,pc), Aficio Color 6010/ 6110(sm,pc), NC5006(sm,pc) Scanners: Aficio IS01(sm,pc), IS420(sm,pc), IS430(sm,pc), IS450(sm,pc) Analog Copiers: FT2050/ FT2070/ FT2010/ M100(sm,pc), FT2260(sm,pc), FT3020/ FT3050/FT3060, FT3113/ FT3313(sm,pc), FT3320(sm,pc), FT4227/ FT4427/ FT4727(sm,pc), FT4415/ FT4418/ FT4421(sm,pc), FT4430(sm,pc), FT4460(sm,pc), FT4480(sm,pc), FT4490(sm,pc), FT4495(sm,pc), FT5034(sm,pc), FT5233/ FT5433/ FT5733(sm,pc), FT5540/ FT5550/ FT5570(sm,pc), FT5560(sm,pc), FT5580/ FT5590/ FT6620(sm,pc), FT6750(sm,pc), FT7060(sm,pc), FT7770/ FT7870(sm,pc), FW810(sm,pc), FW830(sm,pc), M50(sm,pc) Dital Copiers: DS5330(sm,pc) Color Copiers: NC100(sm,pc), NC305(sm,pc), NC8015(sm,pc), NC8115(sm,pc) Fax machines: FAX-S07(sm,pc), FAX-10/ FAX-20/ FAX-60(sm,pc), FAX-77/ FAX-80/ FAX-85(sm,pc), FAX-1000(sm,pc), FAX-7000(sm,pc) Rriport: SS Series Dital Copiers Aficio: 220/ 270(sm,pc), 850/ 1050(sm,pc), 340/ 345/ 350/ 350e/ 355/ 355e/ 450/ 450e/ 455/ 455e(sm,pc), 1015/ 1018/ 1018D(sm,pc), 470W(sm,pc), 1035/ 1045/ 1035P/ 1045P /1035G/ 1045G(sm,pc) Printers: Aficio AP2600/ AP2600N(sm,pc), Laser AP2600/ AP2600N(sm,pc), AP2700/ AP3200(sm,pc), AP4500(sm,pc) FW740/ FW750/ FW760/ FW770/ FW780(sm,pc) Aficio 120/ FX12/ 1013/1013F(sm,pc), 220/ 270(sm,pc), 470W(sm,pc), 550/ 551/650/ 700(sm,pc), 850/1050(sm,pc), 1015/ 1018/ 1018D(sm,pc), 1022/1027(sm,pc), 1085/ 1105(sm,pc) Russian 1015(sm R), 1045(sm R), 4515/ 4618 (sm R), 470W(sm R) FT3813(sm,pc), FT4022/ FT4027/ FT4522/ FT4527/ FT5035/ FT5535/ FT5832(sm,pc), FT4215(sm,pc), FT4220/ FT4222(sm,pc), FT4410/ FT4430/ FT4480(sm,pc), FT4422(sm,pc), FT5000/ FT5010/ FT5520(sm,pc), FT4622/ FT5035/ FT5632/ FT5640(sm,pc), FT5050/ FT5070(sm,pc), FT5560(sm,pc), FT5580(sm,pc) Aficio 1224C/ Aficio 1232C(sm,pc,drv,frm): AD430 Duplex Unit(sm,pc), DF75 ARDF(sm,pc), PS510 Paper Tray Unit(sm,pc), PS520 Large Capacity Tray(sm,pc), SR790 1000-sheet Finisher(sm,pc), SR830 500-sheet Finisher(sm,pc), File Format Converter Type A(sm,pc), Bridge Unit Type 1232(sm,pc), Bypass Tray Type 1232(sm,pc), Interchange Unit Type 1232(sm,pc), Internal Shift Tray Type 1232(sm,pc), Adjustment Table Type 1232(sm,pc), Platen Cover Type 120(sm,pc), Fax Option Type 1232(sm,pc), Printer Kit Type 1232/ Printer/Scanner Kit Type 1232(sm,pc) FAX5000L/Kaiser1(sm,pc,sb,um), FAX5510L/ FAX5510NF(sm,pc,sb,um), FAX1800L/ FAX1900L/ FAX2000L/ FAX2050L/ FAX2100L/ FAX2900L/ FAX3900L(sm,pc,sb,um), FAX1120L/ 1160L/ SL310(sm,pc,sb,um), FAX1400L(sm,pc,sb,um) Aficio 120/ FX12/ Aficio 1013/ Aficio 1013F/ FAX3310L(sm,pc,sb,um), FAX4410L/ FAX4410NF(sm,pc,sb,um), Aficio 550/ Aficio 551/ Aficio 650/ Aficio 700/ Aficio 1055(sm,pc,sb,um), Aficio 1015/ Aficio 1018/ Aficio 1018D(sm,pc,sb,um), Aficio 1113(sm,pc,sb,um), Aficio 1060/ Aficio 1075(sm,pc,sb,um), Aficio 2015/ Aficio 2018(sm,pc,sb) Copiers Aficio: 220, 270, 340, 345, 350, 355, 450, 455, 350e, 355e, 450e, 455e, 1022.

RICOH Aficio 1060, Aficio 1075, Aficio 2060, Aficio 2075, Aficio 20.

Below is our current inventory of Ricoh service manual downloads for the main machines (copiers, printers, duplicators, fax) listed in alphabetical order.

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1060 & 1075

You will also notice that there may be other makes / models included in these listings - Ricoh manufactures the particular model listed (indentified internally by the "machine code"), and the other manufacturers rebrand them and sell under their own name.

Ricoh Service Manual Downloads

Includes Service Manuals for: RICOH Aficio 1060/Aficio1075/aficio2060/Aficio2075/ Aficio2060SP/Aficio2075SP/Aficio2051/ Aficio2051SP Savin 2560/2575/4060/4075/4060SP/4075SP/ 4051/4051SP Gestetner 6002/7502/DSm660/DSm675/DSm660SP/ DSm675SP/DSm651/DSm651SP Lanier LD060/LD075/LD160/LD175/LD160SP/ LD175SP/LD151/LD151SP Product code: B064 B065 B140 B141 B142 B143 B163 B228 Parts catalog, Point to Point Diagram.

Ricoh aficio 1075 service manual pdf:

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