Owners manual for pepe bench shear

Bench Shears - Pepetools

Also added is a angle cut feature usually found on large industrial sized shears.

Pepe 8" Precision Bench Shear

The Angle cut has a maximum rating of 0.5mm thick mild steel and 2.6mm round wire stock.

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Guillotine Shear Cutting - Pepetools

The locking mechanism found on the Pepe bench shears helps to keep sheet metal cuts straht and true, but that is only one one side of the cut.

Bench Shear Manufacturing & Metalworking

Guillotine shears will leave both sides of a piece of sheet metal flat, while the less expensive bench shears, because of their more scissor like action, can leave one side of your sheet metal "curled" requiring strahtening before further cutting.

Owners manual for pepe bench shear:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 99 Rates