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The aim of this instructable is to make a wood lathe from recycled and scrap materials and use it to make some lovely things. You can use it to make beautiful birthday and Christmas pressies for family and friends and to craft all manner of things to help in other projects.

Motor Controls - Starters and Contactors -

To make yourself a load of wooden kitchen bowls, plates, utensils, etc. Desning one yourself and using free or cheap materials is even better. I got ideas from lots of places on the internet (including other instructables - do a search for 'lathe') and formulated my desn as I collected materials.

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Make Your Own Lathe From Other Peoples Rubbish -

To make arrows, door and draw knobs, staffs, axles, beautiful ornaments, flower pots, lht shades... This lathe is made almost exclusively from stuff other people threw away or didn't have use for anymore, and a b part of the challenge is creatively using these readily available materials.

Manual motor starter - Motor protection and control

A more complete and up to date set of instructions for this project and videos of the lathe, and other bits and bobs can be found on our blog at: I use some basic power tools in making this, and I meddled (carefully!

Manual lathe motor starters:

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