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I have not checked to see if they are as complete or are the same as the paper manual I purchased several months ago. The Toyota manuals are separate and can be purchased at your local Lotus dealership.

Lotus Elise/Exe workshop manuals

The site does include a listing of what these manuals include and the price. Michael edit to add- It was mentioned as a sidenote in another thread, but it's certainly exciting enough to deserve its own thread! Other manufacturers have similar systems, and I was hoping that Lotus would do something like this.

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LOTUS ELISE Service Manual Complete - Scribd

The Service Manual for the Federal Elise is available on the Lotus Cars USA website.

Lotus Exe Service Repair Manual - Lotus Exe PDF Downloads

Terms of Agreement prevent the uploading of the material and only license you to have one copy. I don't mind paying a fair price for a legitimate copy of the manuals.

Lotus elise workshop manual pdf:

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