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Another method uses the worksheet.enablecalculation property. When this property is changed all the formulae on the worksheet are flagged as uncalculated, so toggling the property to false and then back to true for all sheets in all open workbooks will cause the next calculation to be a full calculation. Calculation=xl Calculation Manual for each o Sht in Worksheets o Sht.enablecalculation=false osht.enablecalculation=true next osht Application.calculate You can also use this method for a single worksheet to do a full sheet calculate. Evaluate the string as though it was on the active sheet, but Worksheet.evaluate evaluates the string as though it was on the referenced sheet: If Sheet1! A1 contains 'Joe', and Sheet 1 is the active sheet then You can bypass many of these limitations (at the cost of performance) by inserting the formula string into a worksheet cell and then reading the resulting cell value back into a VBA variable. Evaluate(Cstr(the Input)) Else v Eval = Application.

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In prior versions of Excel you can achieve the same effect by switching to manual, replacing all equal sns in formulae with equal sns and then either switching back to automatic or doing a manual full calculation (Ctrl/Alt/F9) Worksheets(Sheet Name). Calculate You can use the Evaluate method of the Application, Worksheet or Chartobject to return the result of calculating a string containing Names, Ranges and/or a Formulae to VBA without altering anything on a worksheet. If Evaluate cannot evaluate the string it returns an error rather than raising an error, so to trap the error you need to assn the result to a variant and then check the variant using ISERROR. Evaluate(cstr(the Input)) End If If Is Error(v Eval) Then EVAL = CVErr(xl Err Value) Else EVAL = v Eval End If End If Exit Function funcfail: EVAL = CVErr(xl Err NA) End Function The EVAL function can be ed either as a UDF or from VBA.

Forcing <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Calculation</strong> For a Workbook Microsoft

Forcing Manual Calculation For a Workbook Microsoft

In Excel 97 there are two possible methods using either Send Keys or Enable Calculation: You can use Send Keys to send the CTRL/ALT/F9 key sequence.

Toggles the calculation mode between manual and

With Windows 95/98/ME: With Windows NT/2000/XP: Application.

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