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Evaluate also enables you to get the results of a single-cell or multi-cell array formula passed to Evaluate as a string. Evaluate, for example as The difference between using Application. Public Function EVAL(the Input As Variant) As Variant ' ' if UDF evaluate the input string as though it was on this sheet ' else evaluate for activesheet ' Dim v Eval As Variant Application. If the input string resolves to an array formula then EVAL will return the corresponding array of results.

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In Excel 97 there are two possible methods using either Send Keys or Enable Calculation: You can use Send Keys to send the CTRL/ALT/F9 key sequence.

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This can be tricky because Sendkeys just sends the keystrokes into the keyboard buffer, and they are not normally processed until VBA has ended and you cannot guarantee that they will be processed by the correct window/application etc.

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In prior versions of Excel you can achieve the same effect by switching to manual, replacing all equal sns in formulae with equal sns and then either switching back to automatic or doing a manual full calculation (Ctrl/Alt/F9) Worksheets(Sheet Name). Calculate You can use the Evaluate method of the Application, Worksheet or Chartobject to return the result of calculating a string containing Names, Ranges and/or a Formulae to VBA without altering anything on a worksheet. If Evaluate cannot evaluate the string it returns an error rather than raising an error, so to trap the error you need to assn the result to a variant and then check the variant using ISERROR. Evaluate(cstr(the Input)) End If If Is Error(v Eval) Then EVAL = CVErr(xl Err Value) Else EVAL = v Eval End If End If Exit Function funcfail: EVAL = CVErr(xl Err NA) End Function The EVAL function can be ed either as a UDF or from VBA.

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