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FM synth with 4 octaves Audio interface: Rht | Left / Stereo | Headphones Midi: In | Out | Thru 100 preset sounds, edit (edit backups in five banks of a sound) Effects section: Duo, Reverb, Sustain, Stereo Chorus (not confurable) and a portamento (adjustable time) 100 styles available can edit the drum part, tempo from 10-220 BPM, you can save 5 monophonic melodies, or 1 / 2 polyphonic. OVERALL OPINION I do not remember exactly when I got it (I was a kid, it must be 11/12 years old now) I love the sound very old school FM synth, you can really get out of the craziest sounds and powerful, and errors in the hh frequencies create unpredictable and unbelievable.

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5 chord recordable (acts on the part of the 100 melodic styles available). All the drum part is terrible, the pads do not react nearly, and the sounds are ugly, but not enough to be typical.

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€ 100 is way too expensive for what remains of this machine (even new it would be too expensive).

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