Siemens a65 user manual

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Using the Real Java floating point library, Calc has 63 bits internal precision, which amounts to approximately 19 decimal dits accuracy, considerably You can download Calc into your phone or MIDP device using one of these links: or versions for different phones: The Nokia version gives a fullscreen window and better control of the command keys for "ENTER" and " ".

Vector control - Automatyka - Siemens

I have chosen to use RPN logic (Reverse Polish Notation), because operating it requires less keys, you need only ENTER instead of "(", ")" and "=".

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Additionally, being able to store and see intermediate results on the stack is very advantageous.

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Calc works much like a good old HP calculator with RPN logic, but the stack has 16 elements and you can see many of the elements on the stack simultaneously.

Siemens a65 user manual:

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