Seebreeze turbo-air fan manual


Yours truly, Arthur Tateishi Just bought this fan and I am very impressed with the performance --- powerful air delivery, quiet operation and energy efficient.

Seabreeze Turbo-Aire Hh Velocity Cooling Fan-3200-0 - The.

The fan came fully assembled and was put into use within minutes.

TurboAire portable electric <strong>fan</strong> - Seabreeze Electric Corporation

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Aerodynamic "Turbo-Aire" hh velocity cooling fan delivers over 11,000 CFM of refreshing air which can be felt up to 20 ft. Consumes less electricity than a 100-Watt lht bulb! Our fan is not available online with Home Depot Canada.

Seabreeze Turbo-Aire 30 cm 12'' Floor Fan - YouTube

Our fans are not air conditioners, so it is unrealistic to expect the fan to reduce the room temperature unless it can draw in cool air from either an open window or from the basement.

Seebreeze turbo-air fan manual:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates