Saeco rio vapore instruction manual

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This one incorporates both gaskets into one and fits perfectly.

Visit the support page for your Xsmall Vapore Super-automatic.

Now my orinal machine is revived as my backup and is perfect working order.

Estro <b>Vapore</b> Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine - YouTube

Estro Vapore Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine - YouTube

I am missing the drip tray grating for one of my Olympias and since it is made of unobtainium, I decided to make my own, using a spare grating from a Starbucks Barista (née Saeco Rio Vapore). I wonder where those grates go when they disappear? Tried many things before settling on piece of perforated sheet stainless. Here's the sheet: And here's the grate in action: Not as sturdy as the OP's, but it works fine. Can either of you show us how you do the precise bending?

Starbucks Barista Repair - iFixit

Cross-references: The orinal gasket was a two piece one and lasted 15 years.

Saeco rio vapore instruction manual:

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