Multicam 3000 series user manual

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The Irving, Texas, operation has been in existence since 1978. We save a step by not having to add adhesive after the cut and a full day by not needing to machine and polish the part edges.” ASI uses the Multi Cam Laser to cut seven-layer, adhesive-backed hospital room sns.

MultiCam® 7000 Series CNC Router Feature and Specification.

Today, it’s the largest full-service franchise and manufacturing facility. It lines up perfectly, holds the registration, speeds up production and cuts out several manual procedures. It scores the paper backing so staff can tear it off and paint each section a different color. According to the production staff, the Multi Cam Laser has been a lifesaver and time saver at cutting Braille sn pieces in one step.

<strong>MultiCam</strong>® 7000 <strong>Series</strong> CNC Router Feature and Specification.

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With the Multi Cam Laser producing a clean, polished edge, he’s eliminated painstaking hand finishing.

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ASI Snage Innovations purchased a Multi Cam 3000 Series CNC Router in 2006 and streamlined its hh-end architectural sn production by adding a 2000 Series CNC Laser in 2009.

Multicam 3000 series user manual:

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