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This self-extracting file contains the Generic 9-Pin Printer Driver for Windows 3.1 (Printer Driver v1.0b Es, Core Driver Disk v1.0).

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This file is for use with all Epson 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printers. Instructions for the EPSON Generic 9Pin With Euro Driver=============================================================This printer driver supports printing with EPSON 9Pin single impact dot matrix printers (SIDMs) using built-in fonts.

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To print Euro Symbols with the LX-300, FX-870, FX-1170, FX-2170, and DFX-5000 printers, please contact your local EPSON service center for information on updating your printer's ROM. If you want to change the printer margins, please do so with either the printer control panel, or in your application. User-defined sizing For Windows 3.1 users: If using a user-defined size, set the page length in the printer's control panel before printing.

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To print in the Landscape orientation, be sure to set the page length in the printer control panel before you print.3.

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