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The full-size SUV marked the launch of a new breed of larger vehicles that were greener than their gas-powered versions, albeit a lht shade of green.

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It’s fairly obvious what many people think of the giant sport utes that roam the roads like the mastodons and woolly mammoths of another age: They’re too wide. For these consumers, owning a full-size SUV is more about necessity than vanity.

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Yes, it’s easy to condemn b sport-utility vehicles, but the fact is, a lot of folks actually need them – those who tow boats or horse trailers, those who carry six or seven kids to baseball or soccer games and those who load up lots of gear for weekend family outings; their numbers total around three-quarters of a million people.

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When Chevrolet introduced the 2008 Tahoe Hybrid, it was the first vehicle to utilize the advanced two-mode hybrid powertrain developed jointly by General Motors, BMW and the former Daimler Chrysler.

2013 chevrolet tahoe hybrid owners manual:

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