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He mentioned in passing that someone he worked with had a was just too irresistible to pass up and the game was soon in residence in my basement. The difference this time is that I was hooked to the extent that I now had to have a collection. I am certain that most readers of Game Room Magazine can relate.

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It was just the beginning of the video game boom, and I hardly paid attention to pinball, as I considered it an “old time game,” with lots of relays and steppers and such.

Twilht <em>Zone</em> <em>Pinball</em> Romancing the <em>Zone</em> - The GameRoom

Twilht Zone Pinball Romancing the Zone - The GameRoom

That is, I felt that way until I headed to college and played my first game of .

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Ted Estes graciously allowed The Game Room Blog permission to publish this great piece. [/box] I started playing video games at the same age as most people – my late teens.

Twilight zone pinball owner's manual:

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