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For the same purpose, it should also be possible for law enforcement officials to be equipped with self-defence equipment in order to decrease the need to use weapons of any kind.

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Terms such as ‘bullet resistant’, ‘ballistiy protected’ and ‘body armour’ are used in favour of terms like bulletproof to recognise that the degree of protection offered depends on the type of weapon and ammunition used and the nature of the attack.

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The 2003 Code of Practice on firearms and less lethal weapons states that chief officers of police, in consultation with their police authorities, are responsible for the acquisition of weapons requiring special authorisation for use in their force areas, on the basis of the threat and risk assessment processes.

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Officers and police staff should, as far as is practical and appropriate to their roles, be provided with information on the nature of the equipment and its function (including its capabilities), limitations and risk factors associated with its use.

Tech manual ammunition care handling destruction:

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