Sony gc1 net sharing cam manual

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Every company wants to get a taste of You Tube's popularity, and Sony's no exception.

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In a jarring change from the company's Cyber-shot and Handycam lines of dital cameras and camcorders, Sony released the NSC-GC1, a pocket camera/camcorder desned specifiy for You Tube and its myriad Web video analogs.

<em>Sony</em> <em>gc1</em> <em>net</em> <em>sharing</em> <em>camera</em> - YouTube

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At just $200, the GC1 aims squarely at casual users with more interest in style and simplicity than complex photography or video production.

Sony gc1 net sharing camera - YouTube

For products released August 2015 or later, refer to the manual or check the Sony website, etc.

Sony gc1 net sharing cam manual:

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