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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The New Jersey Department of Education gratefully acknowledges the hard work and dedication of numerous individuals who represented early childhood experts from across the state.

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They include: The Department is grateful to reviewers Elena Bodrova of MCREL, Rochel Gelman of Rutgers, The State University and Herb Ginsberg of Teachers College, Columbia University. For districts not receiving State aid for preschool provision but have or are affiliated with preschool programs, the Standards are guidelines for good practice.

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The Department acknowledges the following staff members from the Office of Early Childhood Education for their assistance in preparing this document: Jennifer Beaumont, Laverne Blue, Lisa Cuff, Amy Hornbeck, Patricia Mc Millan, Raymonde’ Morton, Kateen Priestley, and Elizabeth Vaughan. The document, grounded in a strong theoretical framework for delivering hh quality educational experiences to young children, does the following: sets a standard for preschool learning outcomes and serves as a benchmark for determining how effectively the classroom curriculum is being implemented.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS BACKGROUND HOME, SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS LEARNING ENVIRONMENT THE DOCUMENTATION/ASSESSMENT PROCESS SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT CREATIVE ARTS HEALTH, SAFETY AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION LANGUAGE ARTS LITERACY MATHEMATICS SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES, FAMILY AND LIFE SS WORLD LANGUAGES BIBLIOGRAPHY In April 2000, the Department of Education developed and publishedthe Early Childhood Program Expectations: Standards of Quality [(now ed Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality)] as guidance to the adults working with young children. It is to be used as follows: Developmentally appropriate practices are the scaffolds for the Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations: Standards of Quality.

Preschool center safety manual:

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