Patton space heater owners guide manual

Patton space heater owners guide manual - download for free

If it is new return it for a refund or a replacement. Most modern appliances are not meant to be maintained or repaired, rather they are desned to be thrown away after a year or two. Just remove the 8 Philip head screws that secure the back panel and it's a simple matter to clean out any accumulated dust on the fan blade and motor. The humidifier function adds much needed moisture to dry winter air while distributing warh throughout your entire room faster.

Patton electric space heater PUH680 owners manual.

Front guards have also been added to protect the unit in case of tip over. I keep it maybe three feet from me and it puts out lots of heat. I keep it on hh and the thermostat works great, it comes rht on when it starts to feel cold.


Patton Space Heater Owners Manual

Thank you for your recent inquiry with The Home Depot, Mongo. See, bearings are great :-)Heater is fine for maybe a bathroom or a small area that has absolutely no drafts. I LIKE IT and I also have one for the bathroom at home for in the mornings getting ready for work.


I had one that I used for years before it finally broke The lht would come on, but not the heater. I've had mine for at least 10 years, and it's supremely easy to maintain. I bought two because they are small, unfortunately two will trip most circuit breakers. Maybe my two are not functioning properly but I am not impressed at all. It uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify surrounding air for long-range heat projection and to produce powerful airflow for personal cooling. This is the newest addition to the Dr Infrared Heater family.

Patton space heater owners guide manual:

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