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Mackie d8b dital 8 bus console $1999 Optional accessories (sold separately): Omnirax Coda d8 desk $300 1 dital tape card (adat lht pipe & TDIF) $150 1 Mackie MFX card $179 1 PDI-8 AES card $150 This incredible console offers more bang for the buck than any other console you'll find. It features an optimized three-head desn and transformerless balanced inputs and outputs to provide superior frequency response, low distortion and hh snal-to-noise performance under the most demanding conditions.

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* Mackie Dital 8-Bus fits comfortably on the desk at just the rht working heht * Reinforced angled monitor-bridge will hold near fields and up to 2 computer monitors * Fully adjustable sliding computer keyboard and mouse shelf included * 18 rack spaces for associated peripherals in double bay below * On heavy-duty casters for mobility and easy cabling * Sound and sht lines optimized for comfortable extended session Otari MX-5050 B II The MX5050 BIII has long been the standard in 1/4" two-track analog recorders.

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Features The direct drive capstan motor is servo-controlled, and an integral microprocessor governs tape handling, including dynamic braking, motion sensing and transport logic.

Tertiary Sector updates Services for Tertiary Education

Here's a video demo I made on February 28, 2008, just before I packed it up: OS 3.1 (upgradeable to 5.1 for $299...

Nsi i f 501 manual:

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