Effects of manual hyperinflation

Respiratory and Hemodynamic Effects of Manual Hyperinflation in.

Falls in cardiac output correlated to the increase in tidal volume but not to the increase in peak inspiratory pressure and took up to 15 min to recover to baseline values.

The effectiveness of manual hyperinflation during the physiotherapy.

Measurements and results: Hyperinflation (50% increase in tidal volume) was achieved only in 10 of 20 studies.

Efeitos da manobra de hiperinsuflação <b>manual</b> associada à pressão.

Hemodynamic effects of manual hyperinflation in critiy ill. - NCBI

Large variations were seen in percentage change in peak inspiratory pressure (−30% to 250%) and tidal volume (−33% to 127%) generated.

Hemodynamic Effects of Manual Hyperinflation in. - CHEST Journal

Measurements were made before and at 5-min intervals until no further hemodynamic changes were seen.

Effects of manual hyperinflation:

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