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Additionally, DX includes the last print version of Barnett's Manual (the 5th edition) as a PDF file that you can print yourself (or have printed at a photocopy store) so you can have the convenience and familiarity of a regular print manual This is the ultimate bicycle mechanic's manual . Decades of shop experience and the experience of teaching thousands of students at Barnett Bicycle Institute made the crucible that forged this manual into the comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that you will find indispensable to making your own bicycle mechanic ss top-notch!

Barnett's Manual Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics 4.

System Requirements Desktop or laptop computer with approximately 1GB of available space and Adobe Reader XI or DC.

PRESS FIT CRANK ARMS 20 – 1 <strong>BARNETT'S</strong> <strong>MANUAL</strong> DX.

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As of version (2016), DX has over 13,000 pages and 14,000 illustrations, which are connected by over 100,000 hypertext links, so you can get anywhere in DX with just 3–4 clicks!

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Installation on tablets and smartphones may be possible but is not recommended.

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